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Tie-in-back shirts Check Out the Back

These Shirts are great - they're made of calico, they tie
behind the neck and are held up with elastic in the back.
The tan one has pockets, the yellow one does not.
I'm now taking orders for this style of shirt (it can easily be a dress, if you prefer. Dresses are $45.00 for a lengthy dress, and $40.00 for a shorter dress -- I'll try to get a picture up soon). I can also make this style (without the drawstring neck) in a tank top, short-sleeved shirt, or a long sleeved shirt. I made a longsleeved shirt for Miss Kaitlyn Blue, pictured here on my right, which I'll try to get a picture of for the page. Tank tops are $28.00, short-sleeved shirts are $30.00, and long-sleeved shirts are $35.00
Specify bust, hips, and length of shirt (as well as shoulder width and length of sleeves, if applicable...)
The two that are pictured (also available) are size small.
Item #21(tan), #22(yellow) $26.00

Butterfly Landscape

A Current Favorite:

concentric circles the back
I was really tempted to keep this one. Everyone who has seen it loved it.
It's made of corduroy and it buttons in the back.
Size - small
Item #23 $35.00

longsleeve details
I'm taking orders on these as well. The one pictured is available for purchase and it's nice and warm for winter. I can make them in corduroy, or calico if you like. There is a panel in the front, along with a pleat, that makes it a pseudo-flyaway shirt.
Specify bust, shoulder width, length of sleve (from shoulder to whereever...) hips, and length of shirt. The price is $40.00 for corduroy and $35.00 for calico.